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Although this is always a good idea for older homes, it is especially important if you’ve already noticed any of these red flags: If your home was built in the 1960s or early 1970s, you should also look to see if it uses aluminum wiring.Although common at the time, aluminum wiring has now been deemed a safety hazard because it can loosen up over the years and cause overheating and fires.Understand that it will require an electrician to make holes in your walls and, because of that, will likely be quite expensive.If you are considering any other wall remodels, it is best to combine the projects so that you don’t have to break open your walls twice.If your house needs more than 200 amps for all of its electronics (TVs, computers, air conditioners, appliances, etc.), your elderly home might be straining to provide enough power.Or if your home doesn’t have as many outlets as you would like, don’t rely on power strips and extension cords to make it work.

We would love to inspect, service, or replace your wires if needed.Protect your family and home, ensuring the smooth, efficient operation of all things electrical while boosting the value of your property. Electric or schedule an appointment online for an electrical safety and wiring inspection today.We bought our first house almost a year ago now, and there are several items on my ever-expanding to-do list related to my home’s electrical system.Even if your electricity seems to be in good working condition (your lights never flicker, there are no unexpected shut-downs, neither sparks nor warm sockets), it is not necessarily safe and functional.If your home is more than 40 years old, you may need to update electrical wiring to protect your home from potentially dangerous or expensive damage in the future.

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