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Little did they know it would only be the beginning. You had considered stepping out alongside them and screaming ‘I’m not human either’ but Ernie had stepped in and pointed out how illogical that idea was when considered the way humans treated vampires.

It’s a little sad to realize that even though something called itself ‘civilized’ it doesn’t mean that its mind set has actually evolved past that of a barbarian.

Still it was that combination of boredom and placidity that had brought you to Bon Temps, Louisiana; a little town in the American South where everybody knew everybody else.

As dark forces threaten to tear apart her sanity and safety, Sookie quickly discovers her life is no longer a matter of healing, but a matter of survival. Such a pretty face wasted on a male body, but it made for quite a bit of fun in the future.Also used for a "duty that survives death" plot as well, and thus a good way to set up a character as The Hero.Sometimes allows for Time Travel to previous incarnations in the form of Visions of Another Self.Emma Swan é uma jovem romântica que é prometida a casar sem amor e foge. Será que ela vai poder viver o amor que sempre sonhou ou terá que cumprir o acordo feito pelo seu pai?Kristin conseguirá viver ao lado de Ingrid, sua alma gêmea ou terá que viver ao lado de Eric, quem tinha sido prometida e que casou sem amor? Disney characters will be popping up in Sunnydale with BTVS.

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