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But Forrest is a complicated human being, and with him nothing is simple.

He had worked out a plan to end his life that would, he hoped, give something back to the world and encourage people to explore the outdoors he loved, while at the same time generating high interest, if not consternation.

Douglas Preston will be on stage with Forrest that night! But Forrest Fenn was an outstanding lunch companion, telling story after story that kept the table enthralled, and we instantly hit it off.

That was the beginning of my friendship with Forrest, who is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.

Forrest was never one to shy away from causing a stir.

The total weight of gold and chest was more than forty pounds. After his cancer diagnosis, he had begun thinking of his own mortality.

The doctors told him there was an eighty percent chance the cancer would return and kill him.

So he had worked out a plan: when the cancer came back, he would travel to a secret place he had identified and bring with him the treasure chest.

Forrest had been a dealer in art and antiquities for years, with many superb objects passing through his hands.

These were the things he had kept, the best of the best.

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Gene Thaw, the noted collector, had identified it as a rare Romanesque lock-box dating back to 1150 A. He opened the lid to reveal a dazzling heap of gold—monstrous nuggets, gold coins, Pre-Columbian gold objects—along with loose gemstones, carved necklaces, and a packet of thousand and five hundred dollar bills.

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