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Some dainty idlers with a little high blood came over with Captain Smith at first, and more of the high-minded cavaliers after the execution of Charles I; but Virginia did not suit them well enough to attract and retain great numbers.

Of course, a cultivated mind is always a source of delight, and when occupied with useful knowledge is a blessing to one’s generation, but as the little rhyme has it, "There are many men of many minds," and if we are to judge by the numberless wills and deeds, inspected, and the bias of our own minds, we would conclude that "ego" tipped the scales, with only, "Me and my wife, my son John and his wife, us four, and no more" – and so it goes from the inscrutable past into the eternal future – Self.Numbers of Virginia families, who are almost ashamed, or afraid, in this republican age, to own it, have their genealogical tree or traditionary records by which they can trace their line to some of the most ancient families in England, Scotland, Ireland and to the Huguenots of France."Where this is not the case still they can derive their origin from men of education either in law, physics or divinity, which things are too costly in the old countries to be gotten by the poorer classes, except in some few instances where charity was afforded.Let us read what Bishop Meade writes in his first volume of "Old Churches and Families of Virginia," page 188: "Some thoughts on the formation of the Virginia character as displayed in the American Revolution, and previously, may with propriety follow after the history of the Church and College at Williamsburg, and the foregoing list of vestrymen.As London and the universities were in one sense England, and Paris and its universities were France, Williamsburg, while it was the seat of government, and the College of William and Mary, were to a great extent Virginia. Happily for the Colony, they were not lords or their oldest sons, and therefore heirs of lordship; with one or two exceptions, none such ever settled in Virginia.

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