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There were originally four Sweet Commanders, but the fourth one, Snack, lost his rank after being defeated by "Mad Monk" Urouge; whether this resulted in Snack's death, demotion or something else altogether is unknown."Kid, it's time I teach you a very important lesson!

The current roster includes 2nd son Katakuri (considered the stronger of the three), 14th daughter Smoothie and 10th son Cracker.Main Character Index | Straw Hat Pirates | "Straw Hat" Monkey D.Luffy | "Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro | Straw Hats That Joined in East Blue | Straw Hats That Joined After East Blue | Straw Hat Grand Fleet | Major Allies | Major Allies (Part 2) | Major Villains in East Blue | Major Villains in Paradise | Major Villains in the New World | The Marines | Marine Admirals | The Seven Warlords of the Sea | Warlord Crews | The Four Emperors | Red Hair Pirates | Whitebeard Pirates | Beast Pirates | Big Mom Pirates | Blackbeard Pirates | The Eleven Supernovas | Revolutionary Army | Germa 66 | Historical Figures and Flashback Characters | Civilians and Non-Pirates | Miscellaneous Crews and Organizations | Others | Anime-Only Characters A powerful pirate crew led by one of the Four Emperors, Charlotte Linlin, better known as "Big Mom".He is also Totto Land's Minister of Flour, and the last of the Three Sweet Commanders to be introduced as well as the strongest, first seen in person overseeing the entrance to Big Mom's tea party in Chapter 860.He possesses the Mochi Mochi Fruit (), which allows him to turn any part of his body into mochi that, once touched, can trap people and is nigh-impossible to get rid of, and he can break it up and mold it into many versatile uses.

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With a bounty of 932,000,000, Smoothie has the highest known bounty of any female in the series.

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