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The truth was that I was hoping that things would go back to normal, I liked Shoeib and despite everything that had happened, I still wanted to be friends. He was probably too embarrassed about what he had done – taking advantage of a drunken girl.

He pulled me into the stairwell and instead of apologizing, shocked me by saying that he wanted to fuck me and knew that I wanted to fuck him as well.

I was inspired to write this story after reading one by ndnsex. The thing is that I get a lot of attention because of my looks. Most guys were only interested in getting into my pants but I was brought up very traditionally and in my head, sex was something for after marriage.

Shoeib and I arrived separately but eventually gravitated towards each other.

Everyone drank plenty and at the end of the evening I was barely able to think straight. In hindsight, not only was it stupid to accept the offer of being driven home by a guy while I was drunk but even more stupid that he was drunk and I was getting on the back of his bike.

A new job, in a new city with no friends was a cause of nervous excitement.

Thankfully my company is used to hiring fresh college graduates and therefore has a good orientation program. Right from the first time I met Shoeib, I felt attracted to him.

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