Kerala dating

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Kerala dating

Around 200 years old, the carved wooden sculpture depicts the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesu...This newly made teak wood bed is a beautiful handcrafted homage to the Colonial style from the turn of the 19th century.Made for the Port sides of the ship, it is set in copper with red stained glass fresnel lenses. This enigmatic box with the exquisite design is a vintage marriage box, made out of the strongest teak wood.Over 100 years old, it also features some antique brass fittings and fixtures. This antique steam cake maker is a kitchen utensil that still finds use in kitchens across India.About 85 years old, it embodies the grace of colonial carpentry.It was sourced from the Kerala royal home collec...This Karnataka, South-Western India, 19th century bronze figure, in two sections, the male figure ,wearing a crown and elaborate flaring cape,the horse with pointed ears and beaded ridge along his snout and back . This camel cart is extremely well preserved and almost one of it’s kind.

This beautiful, and of great size, 85 years old wooden horse head with a lovely color, carved of a single wooden piece is from Rajasthan and it would make an excellent decor addition to any well styled space. The Traditional Design Antique Almirah, sourced from Rajasthan, is about 80 years old.This tribal table, sourced from Nagaland, is about 125 years old.Made of Nagaland teak, it has been carved out of a single block of wood, rather than using joints.This is Panjurli, the minor deity or Bhuta revered in the bhuta cult of the south Kanara c...Take a sail back to the medieval days with the glow of this simple nautical ship lantern.

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This dowry box, also called a hope chest, is an addition to any home where daughters are preparing for a marriage in the foreseeable future.

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