Invalidating session in java

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Each page has a logout command hyperlink with action code that invalidates the session and returns a "logout" result string.A global navigation rule redirects to a protected "main menu" page.In the event of there being more than one applicant the matter was to be decided by lot.Agricultural areas were to be proclaimed from time to time after a plan of such areas had been laid before both Houses of Parliament for fourteen days."Land Reform", now in the fourth year of its existence, was a kind of reaction from the Squatting Agitation of 1864.Store owner performs the extended site administrations whereas overall control over merchandise remains with the site. Part of the order that needs to be shipped to a particular Address.There could be an Order where different portions needs to be delivered to different addresses. The Marketing subsystem is a component of the Web Sphere Commerce Server, and provides numerous marketing concepts to your site, designed to increase brand awareness, and to attract and retain customers.There had been six weeks of "crisis-mongering", and the real work of the country had again been trifled with by party strife.

Controller Command is the command that gets called upon a request, just like We have actions in struts and controller in Spring. Task command are the commands that perform specific task for a controller command, like service classes in other frameworks.

This Bill occupied much attention, and "the Battle of the Areas" was warmly contested, but after the reassembling of Parliament on the 8th of January, 1869, the Bill was specially sent up to the Council.

I have a JSF web app that uses form-based authentication.

This works fine in the WSAD 5.1.2 test environment, but fails when deployed to WAS

In the test environment the "main menu" request is intercepted and redirected to the login page.

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Other tables which are used to store promotion related information are -a.

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