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The following chart illustrates the population distribution by race in 1963.GROUP NUMERICAL SIZE POPULATION % Afrikan 358,558 43% East Indian 301,946 36% White 15,718 2% Chinese 8,361 1% Mixed 134,749 17% Lebanese/Syrian 6,714 1% As the chart shows, people of African and East Indian descent are the numerically dominant groups.Most people do not realize they harbor very distorted views and beliefs about themselves and other people, especially black people, with an unwarranted admiration for people of lighter shades.This is mostly due to the ingrained results of colonialism and the effect subjugation has had on the psyche of its victims.Every week I play this game where I drive as far as I can and as much as I can free online dating sites in trinidad and tobago my gas light comes on Port of Spain Join to contact nizama.Matureguy - "Just putting myself out here" 32 yr-old man seeking women, sangre grande Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and tobago Dating Online. I think mankind needs to show more love for each other.Furthermore, the importation of approximately 144,000 indentured laborers from India had a profound impact on the demographics of the islands society in comparison to some of the other groups.

Initially a colony of Spain, Trinidad was ceded to the British in 1802 partially because of Britains aggressive policy of imperialism.Groups of free blacks from America and other Caribbean islands also populated Trinidad during and after slavery.In 1838, Trinidads ethnic composition was further complicated by the indenture of Portuguese and Chinese groups to supply plantation labor.We're proud to be the top website for interracial singles trying to find dating, relationships, as well as marriage!We bring like minded singles together collectively who are receptive to new encounters with different cultures and ethnicities abroad, or in your community.

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