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Female dating priorities male baldness

“It’s not the hair per se — how a man handles his hair changes is what is or isn't attractive,” she said.

“If someone pretends it's not happening or is ashamed of it, I find that less than manly. said, “Remind me to tell you about the horrible glue smell” on a certain celebrity.

You’re combing your hair forward with bangs and it looks absolutely ridiculous,” he said. When I got back to my apartment, my wife, Laura, said she agreed with Lynn.“Just go with it,” she said.

Relationships are tough enough without something as superficial as hair adding tension. If you think the depth of your feelings is being tested by a bald spot, you haven’t seen anything yet.The tactile sensation is wonderful.” Another common theme was head hair vs.“hair elsewhere.” Facial hair did not score high points (as Lynette summed it up: “Baldness is better than beardness”), and Toni articulated the thoughts of many with the pithy wisdom of a fortune cookie: “Better no hair on head than much hair on back.” My social worker friend Susan said she has “no issue with baldness, especially at 55. My husband’s hair is receding, but I don’t notice it after 25 years.According to authorities like Web MD and the Mayo Clinic, male pattern baldness occurs in 80 percent of men under 70, and hair loss can negatively affect men’s self-esteem, confidence with the opposite sex or potential employers, and can lead to shyness, insecurity and even depression.So when Science Translational Medicine published a study that found a link between high levels of a certain protein (prostaglandin D2) and baldness and reported that drugs that inhibit the action of that prostaglandin are already in the pipeline, millions of men probably regarded this as the most hopeful news to come down the pike since the Food and Drug Administration green-lighted the little blue pill. I was motivated to conduct my own research (via Facebook and email), and 99.9 percent of women surveyed said they thought baldness fell somewhere along a spectrum of “not an issue” to “totally sexy.” Most of these smart, stylish women in their 40s, 50s and 60s were passionate in their responses.

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“He uses crazy amounts of hair spray to keep it that way and I cut it by lifting bunches up, snipping the ends and placing them back on the top of his head the way they were.”She added, “Anyone who looks at this guy knows he has a comb-over. And the sad thing is it looks terrible.”Middle age, in my opinion, is a time when you stop playing games, stop trying to be something or somebody you’re not.

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