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Beautiful widgets updating weather information

Well, it looks like the full version of the visually stunning, technologically fascinating "interactive demo" has made its way to the Tegra Zone.Glowball isn't HTC's Sense UI (user interface) includes plenty of features that could make those with vanilla Android jealous, most of which involve the home screen.Let's speak some truth here right out of the gate: weather apps are a dime a dozen in the Play Store.With the volume of apps designed to tell users the weather, it's really difficult to put out something that stands out in the crowd.Also, please make sure that you have enough space available on your home screen.The following video shows how to add widgets to your home screen: Shortcuts, Widgets, Folders. Can I try out the new version without losing the old one? The new version has a different package name, and is actually a new app in the market.Not just because it's an amazingly-good app, but because Level Up Studio constantly works to make it better and keep it relevant. Version 5 brings a whole slew of new stuff, including support for Android 4.2's lockscreen widgets and Daydream feature, a completely overhauled (and far more intuitive) UI, Jelly Bean notifications, and may customizable details.

If you are using the full version, you may also try switching between weather providers and see if it helps. This happened a few times before, and will probably happen again in the future.Unfortunately, not as many app developers give attention to widgets as we'd like, which only makes us appreciate Beautiful Widgets even more.The famous clock/weather/battery widget developer, Level Up Studio, is updating its suite of widgets with support for multiple weather forecasts and, more awesome than that, a web store for discovering/installing widget skins. A: Unlike regular apps, widgets can not be launched. Please note that you need to add the widget, not just the app icon, to your home screen. A: In order to insert widgets to your home screen, long-press in an empty area on the home screen and select "Widgets", then choose one of the Fancy Widgets options (e.g., 4x2, 4x1). It takes me to the settings when I tap on the icon.

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