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Algorithms for updating minimal spanning trees

EPO is essential for Europe’s competitiveness in the world.

Regarding the UPC, I was always against it not because of the word “unitary”, which is misleading anyway.

[...] Perhaps the most damning response to the EPO’s dysfunction and its seeming complete lack of accountability however came in a speech by former German constitutional court judge Prof Dr Siegfried Bross several weeks ago.

The speech – a translated version of which was published in English this week – tackles a subject that Bross has repeatedly raised this year – whether the planned Unitary Patent Court (UPC) for Europe is actually legal.

Yet the EPO said absolutely nothing about the Boards of Appeal scandal, only the Administrative Council (AC) did and it was a lie. As JUVE’s Mathieu Klos‏ has just put it: “According to a communiqué published yesterday, “… “This is so sick,” one EPO insider wrote, as Battistelli and the “AC are degrading ILOAT!

the Council expressed its satisfaction at having closed the case. Furthermore, ILOAT has become the laughingstock of the tribunals worldwide!

Having just had experience of corruption in an org I was contracting at, you can fight it (costing money and personal life) or move on.

It used to be the applicants chasing the EPO, now it’s the other way around.

The UPC was due to be ratified earlier this year but Brexit and a legal challenge at the German Constitutional Court have stopped it in its tracks.

Bross gives a lengthy explanation for why he feels that having a single court decide patent cases across Europe is not legal, most of which boils down to a single concept: the European Patent Office sits outside normal legal jurisdictions.

To quote: “Legal peace is Ernst telling Battistelli to leave Patrick Corcoran in peace when he is no longer a Board member. experience/credentials, is leaving the EPO in droves (we’ve heard stories; the numbers are shocking).

Battistelli does not like to leave people in peace.” Certainly not. We truly worry that the EPO may never recover from this (and rediscover its senses). The latest Patent Information News magazine (published and advertised by the the EPO this morning) is indicative of very serious brain drain.

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