2 go nate dating site

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2 go nate dating site

He was the stalker from True North that Maya mentioned as well as being the boy she dated briefly and the person responsible for her death.

He shows up at the coffee shop where Emily works as barista.

Emily is shocked at Ce Ce's boldness, but she can't change what happened.

Emily is later strolling the streets when she sees Lyndon sitting all alone in a restaurant.

Lyndon wants to at least give her the gift he never got to give her, but Jenna says it wouldn't be right since they were never actually dating. Later, Emily arrives home to see Lyndon on her doorstep, he apologizes to her about the way he had acted at The Brew.

While Lyndon is looking at the scarves, Ce Ce thinks the look on Emily's face means she likes Lyndon, but that he's into another girl. Then, Ce Ce figures out Emily is the one who had a crush on Alison and that she likes girls.

Lyndon then calls Emily over to ask her opinion on some earrings.

They talk for a while about missing Maya and wanting revenge for her death.

Later on, Lyndon goes back to the cabin and spots Emily there.

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Inside The Brew, Emily sits Lyndon down and tells him about Jenna and Garrett's past relationship but he doesn't have the reaction Emily is expecting.